Get The Help You Need During Difficult Times

Very few divorces end amicably, and there can be numerous disputes during the process, whether or not you have children. Just dividing up belongings or bills can be emotional, difficult and extremely stressful. Georgia divorce law is designed to make things as fair and straightforward as possible, but it can be difficult to navigate a divorce without the help of a family law attorney.

Whatever issue you are facing —the initial divorce, child support or child custody issues, modification of child support or custody, or noncompliance with the court's order — Hecht Family Law will protect your rights and help you get through it. We are skilled at resolving challenging family law matters including those involving contested divorce, high-asset divorce and complex property division.

Even if your divorce is relatively peaceable, it is important that you have an attorney looking after your interests. If the divorce is contentious, then you cannot go without legal representation; the outcomes are simply too important to go it alone.