When Can Child Custody Agreements Be Changed?

Sometimes, life events make it necessary to change the custody arrangements put in place when parents divorced.

A custody modification is the legal process for changing a court's child custody order. When parents are in agreement and can work these changes out between themselves, they may file a custody modification by consent (agreement).

Often, parents are not in agreement about the modification. In that situation, the parent seeking modification must file a petition for modification and explain why the court should approve the request.

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Common Reasons For Modification

Reasons for seeking a custody modification in Georgia include:

  • The custodial parent relocating (In the past, this wasn't a sufficient reason for seeking a modification of custody, but now it is considered a valid basis for custody review by the court.)
  • A request by the child to change custodial parents (If the child is 14 or older, the courts will honor the request unless it is deemed to be against the child's best interests.)
  • Military deployment (The parent deploying is entitled to a temporary modification during deployment if they are a sole, primary or joint custodian.)
  • Mental or physical health issue with either parent
  • Stability and safety of the home environment
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Parental drug, alcohol or sexual issues

Child support payments may also change if there is a change in custody. You must be prepared and not blindsided, and we will present your case to the court in the most compelling manner.

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