Fathers' Rights In Georgia

Just because you no longer have a relationship with the mother of your children does not mean you can no longer have a relationship with your children. Long gone are the days when mothers are assumed to be the primary caregivers. Fathers can and should play an equal role in parenting.

If you are legally the father of your children, you should be treated no differently from a mother when it comes to child custody decisions and parenting plans. In Georgia, as in other states, the best interest of the child should guide these types of decisions — not the gender of the parent.

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What Rights Does An Unmarried Father Have?

The rules for parental rights vary depending on whether the parents are married. If you are not married to the biological mother of your children, you will not automatically become the legal father of your children when they are born.

The father has the right to petition the court to legitimize the child, but the mother can object and present the court with a defense, or series of reasons, why the child should not be legitimized by the father.

What If Paternity Is In Doubt?

Often, the mother will agree to paternity — in other words, admit the identity of the child's father. If not, the father can request a blood test. Once paternity is established, you can move forward with the legitimization process.

We Can Help Protect Your Rights

If you are not married to the mother of your children or are seeking a divorce, it is important to be aware of your parental rights — and work with a skilled lawyer who can help protect those rights. At Hecht Family Law, you can work with an attorney who is also a divorced father of two. Ed Hecht has firsthand experience of divorce from a father's perspective and can help you through the process.

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