Do I Call A Baby Sitter Or My Ex?

Child custody matters can be complex — even contentious — based on your relationship with your ex and the nature of your life. Some parents have to contend with work, school, hobbies, extracurricular activities and other functions. With all of these activities swirling around your free time, it can be challenging to accurately portray what parenting time should look like during a divorce. One provision that can be added to a child custody agreement is the right of first refusal.

What Is Right Of First Refusal?

Experts agree that time spent with both parents is crucial to a child's growth and maturation. Rightfully so, parents are often concerned about the amount of time they get to spend with their children after a divorce. Many divorcing couples will include a provision called "right of first refusal" in their parenting plan.

In many ways, this provision should be called the right of first acceptance, because that is closer to the heart of the matter. When a parent cannot uphold his or her custody obligations — being called out of town unexpectedly, working over a school holiday, for example — right of first refusal states that the other parent should be called before a baby sitter or a relative who can watch the children.

Ask An Experienced Georgia Family Law Attorney

This provision typically applies to both planned and unplanned situations. In the eyes of right of first refusal, there's no difference between being called into work in the evening and a date on a weekend. It can be difficult to reorganize your time or rearrange plans, but right of first refusal can certainly be a benefit to the children. While it might be easier to call upon a baby sitter in the same neighborhood or apartment complex, the children would likely appreciate the extra time spent with the other parent.

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