Representing Clients In The Full Range Of Divorce Matters

Next to the death of a loved one, a divorce is the most difficult experience most people will ever go through. It is a widely held belief that half of all marriages end in divorce. No one, however, believes that the dissolution of marriage will ever become a reality for them.

Now that your marriage is ending and you're facing the idea of life as a single person or single parent, it can be overwhelming, scary, gut-wrenching, disappointing and embarrassing. All those dreams, hopes and plans dashed. You're wondering what your rights are, what divorce costs, what will happen to your children, what are divorce proceedings like, what happens with your property, your money, your retirement savings, home and more. Preparing for divorce can seem overwhelming.

Don't Go It Alone

It's too much to deal with alone. You need someone who will guide you through the complex legal maze to a brighter outcome and a new future while protecting your rights. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as filing divorce paperwork.

The basic process of divorce litigation usually goes like this:

  • One party files a complaint for divorce and the other party files an answer (typically using a lawyer for divorce)
  • Discovery (verbal and written questions and answers are exchanged)
  • Temporary order (this will be in effect until a final order decree of divorce is entered)
  • Mediation or trial
  • Final decree is issued by the court, formally ending the marriage

At times during the course of a family law case, parties may not be able to reach an agreement without the intervention of the courts. This will mean different things depending on which court system your petition is filed in. After a divorce or other domestic relations action is filed, some courts schedule a temporary hearing to issue a temporary order based on the evidence presented, including a domestic relations financial affidavit (DRFA) and child support worksheet (CSW). Other times, a divorce settlement agreement may be made by the parties involved.

Without An Attorney, Divorce Can Be Complex

Fulton County is unique in that all domestic relations actions must go through a series of "status conferences" — you sit down around a table in one of the court's conference rooms with the other party, the attorneys and an appointed judicial officer to discuss where the case stands at various intervals. You may choose to meet the requirements established by the court that allows the status conferences to be waived.

Regardless of where the petition is filed, certain procedures must be observed and that is where Ed Hecht comes in: He will help you navigate Georgia's family court procedures (which can be confusing and intimidating at times), prepare for and attend the status conferences with you, and help you work toward achieving the outcome you are seeking.

If you are considering divorce as a method of resolving your family law issues or if your spouse is considering a divorce or has already filed, call Hecht Family Law in Alpharetta or complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment.