What Is A Cohabitation Agreement?

There are numerous reasons why a couple might avoid marriage. If you have made this decision in your own personal life, it is critical that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your assets. At Hecht Family Law, an experienced lawyer can explain your legal options and how Georgia law might benefit your unique situation.

Under Georgia law, cohabitation agreements are not recognized. The family court will refuse to hear any cases involving any attempts at recovery. In other words, a cohabitation agreement (even if it's in writing) doesn't carry the force of law and disputes won't be heard by the court.

If you are cohabitating or thinking about it, however, it's important to take certain legal steps to protect your rights. There are several important laws that will help you protect yourself, while being fair to the other person, if the living arrangement doesn't work out.

If you are breaking up and not on friendly terms, even though the court won't be involved, you may still want to mediate. You may still hire a lawyer or mediator to help you work out an agreement with the other party.

Discuss Your Situation With An Attorney

If you are currently cohabitating and thinking about ending that living arrangement, call Hecht Family Law in Alpharetta at 678-926-9234 or send us an email, and we can help you assess the situation and seek to work out an agreement with the other party.