6 Common Divorce Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

At Hecht Family Law, we help our clients avoid common pitfalls in the divorce process. Here are six common mistakes to watch out for.

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1. Moving out of the house right away

Unless the situation is truly unbearable, parents should try not to move out of the house too soon. If you move out of the house, you are setting yourself up as a noncustodial parent, which can make it much more difficult to seek physical custody or an equal role in parenting.

2. Not being the first to file

Whenever possible, try to be the first to file for divorce. The petitioner's position is typically the strongest one.

3. Not obtaining your own counsel

You should always hire your own attorney for your divorce; in Georgia, an attorney cannot neutrally represent both parties during divorce proceedings. We always make it clear to our clients that we are only representing one side, even if we are the only attorney on the case — and that when there are disagreements, we will be acting in the best interest of our client.

4. Agreeing to anything in writing before talking to a lawyer

It is normal to want to get through the divorce process as soon as possible, and you may want to preserve a friendly relationship with your ex-spouse. However, you should never let these desires get in the way of protecting your future interests. Never agree to anything without talking to a lawyer first.

5. Not taking full account of your joint and separate property

It can be easy to overlook both marital and nonmarital property, but it is important to take full account of all property that is subject to division during the divorce process. Taking stock can also help you determine what you value most — and thus what is most worth fighting for.

6. Dating again too soon

It is understandable to want to move forward and date again after a divorce, but give yourself time to recover emotionally. If you have children, it is important to give them time to get used to new routines before bringing new people into the mix. Dating while your divorce is still pending is generally not a good idea; remember, you are still legally married, and a new relationship could hurt your spouse, your children — and your chances of an ideal settlement.

Don't Wait Too Long To Talk To A Lawyer

While these are some of the most common mistakes people make, they aren't the only ones. Make sure you are setting the groundwork for the future you envision by consulting an attorney as soon as you begin to plan for divorce. For a free phone consultation, call us at 678-926-9234. You may also contact us via email. Our office is in Alpharetta, and we work with clients throughout the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas.