We Help Business Owners Protect Their Assets In Divorce

You've worked hard to build your business; it's crucial to protect it during your divorce. When one of your largest assets is your business, property division can be particularly difficult. And if you and your spouse own and operate a business together, you will need to determine whether — and how — you can continue to do so after your divorce.

Anyone going through a divorce should obtain a skilled lawyer, but legal guidance is absolutely essential for business owners. At Hecht Family Law, we focus our practice exclusively on divorce and related family law issues, allowing us to provide counsel grounded in significant experience in complex property division, including division of business assets. In addition to extensive legal experience, attorney Ed Hecht also has an MBA, giving him a nuanced understanding of the intersections of business ownership and divorce law.

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Is My Business Marital Property?

Not all business interests are subject to property division during divorce. All or part of your business may be considered separate property (that is, not subject to division) if:

  • You have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement designating business interests as separate property
  • Your business is a corporation, LLC or another separate legal entity
  • You have placed your business in a living trust

However, even if you have shielded business assets from division during divorce, other aspects may still factor into your divorce settlement, including marital property used to fund your business.

When You And Your Spouse Are Business Partners

An end to your marriage does not necessarily have to mean an end to your business relationship, and some ex-spouses are able to continue to work well as business partners. However, in many cases this proves too difficult and you may want to explore other options such as buying out your spouses or selling your business entirely. We can help you determine the best course of action based on your relationship, business structure and goals.

Discuss How To Best Move Forward

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