What To Do When Your Divorce Agreement No Longer Works

From new jobs to new relationships, life changes after divorce, often in ways you could never have imagined. If your divorce agreement or parenting plan no longer works for your new situation, there may be opportunities for a post-decree modification.

At Hecht Family Law, we help our clients with all aspects of the divorce process, including making changes when original agreements no longer work. Some of the types of changes we can assist with include modifications to child support, spousal support (alimony) and child custody and parenting plans.

While you may be able to agree to minor changes to your parenting plan with the other parent, it can be difficult to come to an agreement about significant changes to a child custody arrangement or changes to child support and spousal support.

When Is A Post-Decree Modification Possible?

If you and your ex-spouse do not agree that a change is necessary, you will have to convince the court that circumstances have changed significantly enough to warrant the change. For spousal support or child support, you will generally need to show a substantial change in the financial situation of one or both parents. This could include:

  • Significant increase or decrease in income (including job loss)
  • A substantial change in your child's needs

Situations that could warrant a change to your custody agreement or parenting plan include:

  • One parent moving out of state or being deployed in the military
  • Physical or emotional abuse or other concerns over the ability of one parent to provide a safe environment for your children
  • Health issues involving either parent

These are just some examples of situations when a change might be appropriate. Please contact us to discuss whether a modification could be possible for your situation.

Modification Or Enforcement?

You know something isn't working. It's OK if you don't know what the solution is; we can help you figure that out. While post-decree modifications are appropriate in many situations, in other cases, the issue may be that your ex-spouse is not complying with the terms of the original agreement. If this is the case, an enforcement action may be more effective than petitioning to change the terms of the original agreement.

Discuss Your Options With A Lawyer

To learn more about your options for post-decree modifications, please call Hecht Family Law in Alpharetta, Georgia, at 678-926-9234 to speak with an attorney today, or contact us online with your questions. We offer free phone consultations and flexible appointment schedules.