Accurately Dividing Assets And Property

One of the biggest issues every divorcing couple must deal with is how to divide the property and financial assets you've acquired during your marriage. This can be rather easy if the marriage was short and you didn't accumulate much or if there is a pre- or postnuptial agreement in place. For most couples, however, it can be complicated. A lawyer at the Alpharetta firm of Hecht Family Law can provide the answers and guidance you need to get through this challenging patch.

The issues get complicated when divorcing couples understand that there are various classes of property and assets to consider. Assets can be:

  • Premarital assets
  • Marital assets
  • Commingled assets
  • Marital property
  • Separate property

Assets can also be long-term finances such as:

  • IRAs
  • 401(k)s
  • Employee stock plans
  • Business interests
  • Business ownerships

One issue that continues to surprise couples in divorce is how the legal system handles the increase in value of an asset that was owned by one of the parties prior to marriage. If any increase in the value of the asset or property during the marriage can be attributed to the marriage, then that increase is part of the marital estate and must be considered when dividing assets and property.

To ensure that you receive your fair and equitable portion of the assets you are entitled to, you need an attorney who understands the many categories and intricate details of your assets. In addition to being a lawyer, Ed Hecht has an MBA and solid financial expertise. He's owned and operated several businesses. He also has experience dealing with stocks, options, real estate and a multitude of businesses across many industries, as well as the various types of issues that arise in evaluating these businesses.

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