Same-Sex Family Issues

Currently, nine states recognize the right of same-sex couples to marry. Georgia is not one of them.

While same-sex couples cannot receive the full benefits of marriage in Georgia, they do have options to protect certain aspects of their relationship.

They can file:

  • A last will and testament (jointly)
  • A domestic partnership agreement (to specify the division of property and assets if the relationship ends)
  • A joint tenants with rights of survivorship deed (if they own property together)
  • Living wills
  • Durable powers of attorney for health care and finances (in case a partner becomes incapacitated)
  • Power of attorney for minor children (if the couple has children together)
  • Second parent adoption (to adopt a partner's biological children)
  • A name change petition (so they carry the same last name)

In addition, some private companies and local/county governments provide domestic partner health benefits for the partners of their employees.

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