What Right Do Grandparents Have Concerning Their Grandchildren?

Georgia law gives the grandparents of a child limited rights concerning custody and visitation. Grandparents may petition the court only if there is a current action before the court concerning the grandchild's custody such as a divorce, child custody modification or an action concerning the parent's parental rights. In other words, if the grandchild is living with both parents, the grandparents may not file an original action for visitation.

Aside from custody or visitation rights, the grandparent may have other limited rights such as:

  • Being an agent under power of attorney
  • Enrolling a grandchild in the public school in their area of residence

Once a couple has initiated legal proceedings that involve a child, the courts do give the grandparents significant consideration when determining the parenting plan and what is in the best interests of the children (BIC). A guardian ad litem (GAL), who is a separate advocate only for the child, may be appointed by the court to assist in determining what is in the child's best interests.

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