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August 2016 Archives

What do I need to know about divorce mediation?

While it's true that more often than not there are hard feelings between divorcing spouses, it's also true that more often than not many of these divorcing spouses realize that allowing their hard feelings to permeate the legal proceedings could end up costing them precious time, money and energy.

3 tips for child custody success during the school year

Stores are already stocking up on backpacks, notebooks and pencils. The school year is just around the corner. This is a good time to take a moment to review the child custody plan and make sure it is set up to help the child or children succeed during the school year. This is true both for parents who are already in a shared custody agreement as well as those who are going through a divorce and just structuring such agreements.

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At Hecht Family Law we understand that this is not only a very trying time for you, but that you want to get what you feel you deserve during the divorce process. We will always keep your end goal in mind.

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