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I don't need a prenup . . . do I?

For decades any sort of marital agreement was cast in an unromantic light. From news items to entertainment, it was mentioned with a sneer that the rich husband forced his wife to sign a prenup. Writers - from novelists to screenwriters - could take a shortcut in character development by just mentioning that one party in the relationship had brought up the idea of drafting a prenuptial agreement.

Protecting college savings during divorce

Georgia couples who are going through divorce ultimately have to decide how to split up the assets that they have accumulated together. This is accomplished either through a settlement agreement or by litigating the case in front of a family law judge. One asset that the parties may be particularly concerned about is their children's college savings plans.

Divorce triggers the need for business valuation

Business owners in Georgia will face specific expenses when they choose to divorce their spouses. Hiring a valuation analyst to figure out what a business is worth represents one of those costs. A full valuation, which will produce the most detailed and accurate result, will incur the highest costs, whereas a calculation of value will be more affordable. In general, the complexity of the business and the contentiousness of the divorce will guide the choice between those options.

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