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Getting visitation rights

There are a variety of reasons why Georgia parents may be denied visitation with their children. Depending on the circumstances and reason, people may be able to get assistance with being able to see their kids. Additionally, custodial parents aren't always able to prevent the other parent from visiting their children if they don't have valid reasons for doing so.

While some parents may be restricted in their ability to spend time with their children, it is not common for courts to completely deny access. The reasons that courts will deny or severely limit a parent's ability to visit their kids is usually when the children are believed to be in physical or emotional danger.

However, even in these circumstances, parents may be able to have supervised visitation or have regular visitation granted if they complete anger management courses or attend drug or alcohol treatment. If an ex has determined that the other parent should not see their children, people may have legal recourse and the ability to obtain visitation by getting a visitation order from the court.

Child custody issues are normally decided during a divorce. If the couple ends their marriage, custody can either be determined by their reaching a mutual agreement or decided by a judge. Custody of a child is not always permanent. There are ways that people can seek a change of custody, but a significant change in circumstances is normally required. A lawyer could help a parent who is in this type of a position by filing the required motion and providing advocacy in court.

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