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How emancipation affects child support

When a child in Georgia is emancipated, if one parent makes child support payments, they may no longer be obligated to continue those payments. Emancipation most often occurs when a child turns 18. However, child support payments might continue after this point. A child might also be emancipated for other reasons. For example, economic independence, military service, marriage and abandoning the parental home are all reasons that a person might be considered emancipated.

In some cases, even after a child is emancipated, a parent might still be obligated to make child support payments. If the child was married, divorces and is still a minor, they might be eligible for child support. A parent may also be obligated to continue child support payments for a child with special needs.

Even after a child is emancipated, child support payments do not stop automatically. The parent must request the termination of the payments.

In some cases, parents might also agree that they will pay for other expenses after the child turns 18. For example, a parent might agree to pay for some or all of a child's college education. Parents may also negotiate other expenses as part of the parenting agreement, such as the costs of extracurricular activities. If parents are able to work together to come to agreements about parenting, custody and visitation rather than having a judge make these decisions, they might have a smoother coparenting relationship. This in turn might help children adjust to the divorce. If at any time the parent who pays support finds they can no longer keep up the payments, they may want to seek the assistance of an attorney to request a modification. If the parent simply stops paying, they will still owe the money and could face penalties.

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