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Dividing retirement accounts in a divorce requires help

Getting divorced can be a difficult process, especially if you and your former spouse don't agree on critical issues. Many times, child custody and visitation are contentious. You may not agree about who gets the kids on certain holidays or how to arrange vacations. Asset division can be just as complicated and frustrating. The more assets you have accumulated during your marriage, the harder the process of asset division can become. You and your former spouse probably won't agree about who gets what and how to divide the assets fairly, which can lead to a protracted divorce process.

Employment status and divorce rates

For married couples in Georgia, the biggest predictor of whether or not a divorce may happen might be the employment status of the husband. In 2016, a sociology professor at Harvard analyzed data for more than 6,300 couples across 46 years and found that the husband's employment status played a significant factor in marriages that came to an end.

How property is divided in a Georgia divorce

When a Georgia couple gets a divorce, one of the decisions that must be made is how property will be divided. The first step is deciding what is marital property and what is separate property that belongs to individuals. Marital property will tend to be assets that are acquired during the marriage such as income, real estate, some insurance policies, stocks and bonds, and vehicles. Separate property may include assets that each person brought into the marriage, inheritances, gifts and any items that the two people divorcing agree count as separate property.

Dealing with custody disputes and substance abuse

When one Georgia parent is dealing with drug or alcohol abuse, the other parent may be worried about their children's safety when they are around that parent. Child custody can get tricky in these situations as the court may get involved very quickly if a parent complains about the other parent's substance abuse.

When business owners divorce

The divorce process may be complex for a Georgia couple if they own a business. If they had a prenuptial agreement, this might be covered. A family business might also be protected by a trust that keeps assets separate. However, if neither of these is the case, then the couple may have to look at options for dividing the business.

Planning ahead for vacations

The summertime can cause headaches for Georgia parents who are divorced and who want to take their children on vacations. There are several things that they can do to reduce the likelihood of custody disputes arising because of their vacation plans.

If you want custody in a divorce, comply with child support

One of the most frustrating parts of getting divorced is losing out on the time you used to spend with your children. When you combine that with arguments with your former spouse and the sudden demand for child support out of each paycheck, it's a perfect storm for bad decisions. Especially if your former spouse is withholding or severely limiting your visitation, you may feel strongly about child support requirements. However, failing to pay your child support in full and on time can have a real, adverse impact on your ability to obtain full or partial custody as your divorce proceeds.

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