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If you want custody in a divorce, comply with child support

One of the most frustrating parts of getting divorced is losing out on the time you used to spend with your children. When you combine that with arguments with your former spouse and the sudden demand for child support out of each paycheck, it's a perfect storm for bad decisions. Especially if your former spouse is withholding or severely limiting your visitation, you may feel strongly about child support requirements. However, failing to pay your child support in full and on time can have a real, adverse impact on your ability to obtain full or partial custody as your divorce proceeds.

When you're going through a contentious divorce, one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is to retain the services of an experienced Georgia family law and divorce attorney. Your attorney can help you document any improper behavior by your former spouse, such as failing to respect visitation orders. Your attorney can also help you prepare for the process of fighting in court for shared or sole custody of your children. Custody battles are often prolonged and difficult, and you shouldn't try to handle the whole process on your own. The right attorney makes a major difference.

Paying child support shows you are a diligent parent

When the courts look at who is qualified for custody of the children, they will examine what actual evidence they have. Testimony about previous bad behavior can be difficult to prove unless there are corresponding police reports or other forms of documentation. It can be equally difficult to establish yourself as a competent and caring parent. Paying your child support, even when you are being denied visitation, shows the courts that you are willing and able to provide for your children and put their needs first. Failing to pay it may create the exact opposite impression.

Courts issue child support in a court order. Failing to adhere to the support order can be considered contempt of court. It also demonstrates to the courts that you cannot or will not financially provide for your children. That can make your custody battle even harder to win.

In cases where the amount is too high, your attorney can help you through the process of requesting an adjustment. Your support is determined via a formula, and if the courts don't have all your information, the amount may be wrong. Otherwise, paying your support in a timely manner is one of the best ways to support your claim to custody.

Working with an attorney is important for child support issues

Whether you disagree with the amount of support ordered or want to increase your visitation, retaining the services of an experienced Georgia family law attorney can help. Your attorney can advocate on your behalf in court, negotiate for you with your former spouse or his or her legal representation and advise you on the best way to strengthen your case for custody as your divorce proceeds.

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