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June 2017 Archives

The rise in shared parenting

Georgia fathers may be at a disadvantage in getting custody of their children in a divorce. In more than 80 percent of cases around the country, mothers get physical custody. However, fathers may want to push for shared parenting. This is an arrangement in which the child spends approximately the same amount of time with each parent, and it is growing in popularity.

Child support modification based on a change in income

A Georgia non-custodial parent who has a job change that results in a lower income may need to change the amount of child support paid. This is called a child support modification. A parent can go through the court system to apply for a child support modification, and the court will decide whether the income change merits a reduction of the payment amount.

How to handle a car loan in a divorce

As part of a divorce settlement, a person may be ordered to pay some or all marital debts. This may mean that a Georgia resident is required to make car loan payments even if his or her name isn't on the account. However, if a person's name is not on the account, there is no need to make payments absent a court order.

How parents might reach an agreement about child support

Georgia parents who are getting a divorce may be concerned about child support. It is possible for parents to negotiate their own child support agreement as long as the agreement they make is consistent with state law. The written agreement is usually submitted to a judge so that it can become legally binding. The judge will review the agreement and make sure that both parents understand its contents.

3 financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

Navigating a divorce can be extremely complicated. This is especially true if you have to deal with issues such as custody and high-value property division. If you do not take appropriate steps to take care of your financial interests, you could find yourself with less than you need. When you are starting over after a marriage, doing so in a secure economic position can reduce the stress that comes with a divorce.

Helping children adjust to divorce

When Georgia parents decide to get a divorce, they are often concerned about how their children will be affected. Whether it is amicable or acrimonious, parents understand that kids can be bewildered, frustrated and angry as a result of parents splitting up. Experts agree that parents play a major role in helping their children adjust to this significant change.

Financial steps to take in a divorce

Georgia couples who are getting a divorce might wonder what financial steps should be taken to prepare for it. People should not make any major financial changes or decisions during the process. This includes not changing beneficiary designations or wills. Bank accounts should not be used in ways that are significantly different. If a couple shares a joint account, they might be able to reach an agreement about how they will manage the money including paying for the divorce.

Getting alimony after a divorce

Georgia residents who are going through a divorce might wonder whether they can get alimony from their spouse. In some cases, a person may request alimony on a temporary basis while the divorce is in progress. If it is possible to prove in court that the person requesting alimony deserted their spouse or committed adultery, they cannot receive it.

How nesting may ease children's adjustment to a divorce

Georgia parents who are ending their marriage might be considering joint custody. This is a growing trend with divorced parents as studies increasingly show that children fare better when they spend a significant amount of time with each parent. This builds a stronger relationship between parent and child, but it also means that children's lives are disrupted as they must move back and forth between their parents' homes. As a result, some parents are trying an arrangement called nesting.

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