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Getting alimony after a divorce

Georgia residents who are going through a divorce might wonder whether they can get alimony from their spouse. In some cases, a person may request alimony on a temporary basis while the divorce is in progress. If it is possible to prove in court that the person requesting alimony deserted their spouse or committed adultery, they cannot receive it.

Once the divorce is over, if alimony is granted, it might be temporary or permanent. A person who remarries can no longer receive alimony.

A judge will take a number of factors into account when deciding how much alimony one person owes the other and for how long. The length of the marriage, what the standard of living was during the marriage and the financial situation of both spouses will all be taken into consideration. A judge might order alimony that is temporary based on the amount of time it takes for one spouse to train or go to school for a new job. The age of each spouse and what their emotional and physical condition is is another factor. The judge will look at what each spouse contributed financially to the marriage and the expenses and earning ability of each.

In some cases, people may not press for alimony or other things they are due because they want the divorce over with quickly or they feel guilty about the divorce. However,they may struggle financially after a divorce, and some people slip into poverty. Therefore, getting alimony might be critical in maintaining financial security. Parents might receive both alimony and child support if they have primary or sole physical custody, although those payments should only be used toward things that benefit the child.

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