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Why mediation should be avoided for abusive relationships

There are many reasons why a Georgia couple may wish to go through mediation when ending their marriage. Not only do they have more control over the final terms of their divorce, but it also gives them a chance to have a more satisfying ending. However, there are certain cases where mediation is not an appropriate option. For example, those coming out of abusive relationships should avoid it.

Mediation requires both parties to be able to work together and advocate for themselves. However, if the relationship was abusive or violent, it is likely that the victim may not be able to stand up for himself or herself. This could lead to the other party manipulating the negotiations so that the victim walks away with less than what is legally allowed. Going through litigation, on the other hand, allows an attorney to advocate for the victim.

The other problem is that, in violent or abusive relationships, the abuser is usually not able to see the other person's perspective. This means that the abuser latches on only to his or her version of reality or experience in the relationship. In some cases, this can cause the person to make ridiculous demands while refusing to negotiate at all. As such, these cases need to either be litigated or allow attorneys to assist with the negotiations.

Going through a divorce is usually a difficult experience. However, if the relationship was abusive, a person could be worried that the abuser will take everything while leaving the person with nothing. In these situations, a family law attorney could determine what the actual outcome of the divorce could look like if the decisions wer made by a judge after litigation, particularly when it comes to property division and child custody.

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