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Divorce rates by profession

In Georgia, people end their marriages for many different reasons. A study reveals that people in certain professions may be much likelier to get divorced than those who work in other types of jobs. In general, those with the highest incomes are less likely to get divorced than those with lower incomes.

Researchers at FlowingData reviewed data from the 2015 American Community Survey, looking at different professions and their rates of divorce. They discovered that people who were employed in nightlife professions and those involved in the transportation or travel industries were the most likely to get divorced. By contrast, the researchers found that those who were employed as medical professionals, software developers, actuaries and scientists were the least likely.

The researchers theorized that part of the reason for the disparate divorce rates among these professions was the fluid schedules that people who are in the travel industry or who have nightlife jobs have. They also reasoned that a part of the explanation could be attributed to income differences. The mean divorce rate in the nation in 2015 was 35 percent. While the different professional groups clustered around the average, the professions with the highest and lowest divorce rates were significantly above and below the mean, respectively.

Even though professionals such as doctors have lower divorce rates, many see their marriages come to an end. When they have accumulated substantial assets during their marriages, they may expect to have many additional issues related to the property division aspect. High-asset divorce cases involving one spouse who earns significantly more than the other may also have spousal support issues that come into play. People who have accumulated significant assets during their marriages and who wish to divorce might benefit by seeking the advice of an experienced family law attorney.

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