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October 2017 Archives

Social factors can influence likelihood of divorce

Georgia couples with busy lives and demanding jobs often feel like they have a significant amount of pressure on their marriage, from the need to stay late at the office, go on frequent business trips or bring their work home at night. However, there are a number of risk factors for divorce that stand out even amid the pressures of a successful career. Keeping them in mind can help couples take small actions to improve their partnership.

Protecting individual finances after marriage

When a Georgia couple gets married, they may be able to protect their individual finances without a prenuptial agreement. This is not just in case of divorce. The couple gets the opportunity to discuss their debts and assets openly, and their finances can be arranged in a way to protect each from the other's debts.

Divorce may be unavoidable in some cases

Divorce is not an easy process. It often causes heavy stresses and it can be expensive, in terms of emotion as well as finances. Many Georgia individuals and couples delay the process as long as possible in efforts to avoid these negative effects, but there are certain situations where the only course is to end the marriage. These include circumstances of addiction, abuse or severely poor parenting. Paradoxically, many individuals in such circumstances struggle to recognize them.

Large money transfer by spouse is a warning sign of trouble

Married partners in Georgia generally work out how to share income and pay bills. Many people use a joint bank account, but trouble can arise if one spouse starts to act suspiciously with money. Financial advisers warn people that, even when the law could be on their side, recovering money after a spouse has moved it is always more difficult than preventing its loss.

How divorce can be good for the wallet

In some ways, getting a divorce may be beneficial for Georgia residents looking to end their marriages. For instance, it may be possible to get better returns on investments as one spouse may have been riskier with a portfolio than the other would have been. It may also provide an individual with an opportunity to reset their financial priorities overall or swap out a house for an affordable apartment.

Calculating the cost of a gray divorce

Older couples in Georgia and other parts of the US might become part of a gray divorce epidemic. While the divorce rate has decreased for most demographics, gray divorces, or those for couples over 50, continue to increase. One of the concerning aspects of gray divorces is how high the cost of these can be.

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