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Divorce may be unavoidable in some cases

Divorce is not an easy process. It often causes heavy stresses and it can be expensive, in terms of emotion as well as finances. Many Georgia individuals and couples delay the process as long as possible in efforts to avoid these negative effects, but there are certain situations where the only course is to end the marriage. These include circumstances of addiction, abuse or severely poor parenting. Paradoxically, many individuals in such circumstances struggle to recognize them.

Often, serious addictions develop over long periods of time, and the spouse of the addicted person scarcely notices the growing detriment to his or her own life. When the addiction can no longer be ignored, though, it may be time for the non-addicted party to consider divorce. It can be especially difficult to leave the person in a bad situation, but if the addict refuses to get treatment or denies the problem exists, there is little even the most caring person can do.

Abuse, too, can creep up in a marriage, especially psychological abuse. This may be among the most insidious marriage problems, because the victim in many cases is largely unaware that it's happening. Victims frequently blame themselves for the destructive situation. It is also not uncommon for a good parent to overlook the poor parenting of a spouse, but these traits all too often grow worse rather than better.

Communication and kindness may be enough in some cases. Counseling may be effective in others. Once the decision to divorce has been made, though, it's important to approach it with courage. Especially in high asset divorce cases, the separation may lead to significant lifestyle changes. An attorney with experience in divorce legal issues may be able to help by identifying sources of income and assets as a prelude to negotiating the terms of a property division settlement agreement.

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