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Social factors can influence likelihood of divorce

Georgia couples with busy lives and demanding jobs often feel like they have a significant amount of pressure on their marriage, from the need to stay late at the office, go on frequent business trips or bring their work home at night. However, there are a number of risk factors for divorce that stand out even amid the pressures of a successful career. Keeping them in mind can help couples take small actions to improve their partnership.

Parental divorces can have an impact on children, even years later as adults. While social factors including proximity to and acceptance of a divorce as an option are one part of the situation, some scientists say that there could be a genetic factor linked to inherited personality traits as well. And while the ideal age of marriage may vary widely from couple to couple, marrying in one's teens or early 20s increases the risk of divorce above those who wait until their late 20s or early 30s.

Education can matter; those who complete at least a four-year college education have a much higher likelihood of a long-lasting marriage. Recreational habits can also influence the likelihood of a divorce. Couples in which one partner was a heavy drinker and the other was not have a significantly higher likelihood of divorce than those who share common drinking habits.

One thing to keep in mind during wedding planning, especially for successful couples, is that expensive weddings are not correlated with successful marriages. People whose weddings cost more than $20,000 are far more likely to divorce than those whose budget was at or below $10,000.

Of course, just like beginning a relationship, ending a marriage is fundamentally a personal and unique decision. When a decision to file for divorce is reached, however, it's important for each spouse to have legal support and the separate representation of a family law attorney, even in an amicable split.

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