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January 2018 Archives

How overspending can lead to a divorce

Finances can be one of the main causes of divorce for couples in Georgia and throughout the country, and one of the danger signs is when couples have different ideas about money. One of the most destructive things a person can do in a relationship is spend the other person's money without concern for how it affects that person or the relationship.

Divorces between business partners can add challenges

Divorce is always a difficult and often complex time for people in Georgia coming to the end of a marriage. The disentangling of emotional and familial ties can be draining, while the financial and practical aspects of property division can at times be overwhelming. The complexity of asset division during divorce can be underlined when the two divorcing spouses are also business partners who run a company together.

Dealing with a divorce after creating a start-up company

When Georgia couples decide to end their marriage, it can be difficult to decide how marital assets will be divided. However, for those who become lucky with their startups, going through the divorce process can be even more difficult due to the amount of money and business assets that may be at stake.

Negotiating a divorce settlement

Georgia couples who are facing the end of their marriages might want to negotiate a settlement agreement rather than having a judge make the decisions. For some, the process can be more amicable than for others, but in all cases, walking into negotiation sessions prepared is the key to successfully completing the process without it dragging on and having costs mount up.

Working together to sell the family home

Georgia couples that are divorcing will also be negotiating over what share of the assets each person should get. Part of this negotiation might include the decision to sell the family home. In order to get the most for their home, divorcing couples should work together to get it ready for sale and through the selling process.

Divorce in the new year

For some Georgia residents, the new year means taking steps toward divorce. They are not alone; making the decision to divorce after the holidays seems to be common. Experts believe that divorce filings might increase during this time because something going wrong with the holidays might be the last straw for an already failing relationship.

The financial impact of a divorce

While filing for divorce may not have an impact on a Georgia resident's credit score, actions taken after the divorce could. For instance, it may be necessary to refinance a home as part of a divorce settlement. This may require a hard credit check, which could be enough to reduce a person's score. It is possible that living on one income makes it harder to keep up with debt obligations.

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