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3 reasons doctors are more likely to face divorce

While being a doctor doesn't guarantee that you'll go through a divorce, it can mean that your relationship will face additional struggles that others may not. There are dozens of reasons why doctors might become more prone to divorce.

From stress on the job to problems making time for your spouse, being a doctor makes life a little more complicated. Here are three reasons why doctors may need to prepare for divorces in their futures.

1. They married other doctors

Doctors marrying doctors seems like a good idea, since both people know what to expect. One problem could happen, though, if both are on opposite schedules. Additionally, the stress of two full-time jobs with little time to spend with a spouse can hinder relationships from growing.

2. Their spouses have unrealistic expectations

When you think about marrying a doctor, you might think about having a lot of money and freedom to do the things you want to do. The truth is that it takes time to get the high salary most people think about. Doctors work long hours, and for many years, those hours may be for little pay.

3. Stress

It's no surprise that doctors in all fields face stress, but some are worse than others. Surgeons are under extreme stress to perform complicated procedures perfectly, for instance, which could end up causing stress and frustration. While that doesn't always mean a stressful home life, the exhaustion and stress of a long day could result in tension among couples.

These are just a few reasons why some people struggle with divorces despite having steady careers. Remember, not all people do well in stressful relationships or those with a lot of time apart. These factors could play a major role in any divorce.

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