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Disputes about divorce terms place decisions in hands of judge

The marital settlement agreement, also known as a divorce settlement, formally establishes how a couple in Georgia will divide marital assets. If children are present, then it will describe the custody and support details. Alimony might also be a factor in dissolving marriages that involve spouses with substantially different incomes. Whether the ex-spouses come to terms privately or a judge imposes the terms, the settlement becomes a legally binding court order.

When a divorce dispute comes before a family law judge, the court will apply the laws governing the division of property. In general, judges strive to make equitable distributions of all jointly held assets. These court decisions will determine how to split real estate, retirement funds and debts. Although the law guides these matters, a judge might not distribute assets in the manner that a person wanted.

To avoid arbitrary rulings, the two parties could negotiate their settlement outside of court. After documenting the terms, then the settlement would be presented to the court for review. As long as both parties have given consent without coercion and the terms do not violate the law, then the court could approve the agreement and complete the divorce process.

When high-earning individuals, like physicians or executives, initiate a divorce, they might place a priority upon keeping certain assets, . The representation of an attorney could support them in negotiations about property division. Information about legal rights could enable them to make decisions that meet financial goals. If discussions become hostile, an attorney could manage the meetings to avoid emotional confrontations. This effort might keep the focus on the future and prevent a dispute from spilling over into a costly court battle.

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