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March 2018 Archives

3 ways to protect your business during a divorce

When you're going through a divorce, there are a few things about which you're likely to worry. One of those is protecting your business or your business interests. There are many ways that people handle these issues, ranging from selling their businesses to working together with an ex-spouse to run the business.

Parenting agreements after divorce

When parents in Georgia divorce or stop living together, they will have to make decisions about who will take responsibility for their children. In previous generations, these matters were referred to as custody and visitation rights, but in recent years, these arrangements have also come to be known as parenting agreements.

Properly dividing retirement plans in a divorce

Georgia couples who get a divorce should know that the different types of retirement accounts that they will have to divide each come with their own rules regarding how they should be divided. If the wrong procedure is used, divorcees may be saddled with very high taxes and penalties. The account holders may also unintentionally give their ex-spouses a larger portion of the retirement funds than to which they may be entitled.

Divorce and dividing retirement funds the right way

Georgia couples going through divorce should be sure to address the division of their retirement accounts in a careful manner. Certain types of retirement accounts, such as 401(k)s, are subject to different rules than other types of pensions. Taking the wrong step when dividing such assets can result in high penalties, a large tax bill and problems regarding fund allocation.

Putting a fair market value on unusual assets in your divorce

There are many potential pitfalls to dividing your assets when you divorce. There's often a concern about the marital home and who will live there. In some cases, one spouse could attempt to hide assets from the court to skew the process in his or her favor. Sometimes, the biggest issue is that you don't understand the value of many of your marital assets.

Planning can protect assets from divorce

Georgia couples thinking about marriage may consider it cynical to also plan for divorce while planning a wedding, but the high divorce rate makes it prudent to consider worst-case scenarios. Some consider it bad luck to even mention divorce, but those same people think nothing of carrying life and health insurance in case bad things happen. Divorce planning is no different.

5 financial divorce mistakes to avoid

As you begin to learn more about the divorce process, it's important to try to avoid financial mistakes that have plagued others before you. With this knowledge, you can avoid going down the same path, which may save you both time and money.

Deciding how to value a business in a divorce case

In a Georgia divorce case, it may be necessary to put a price tag on a business for property division purposes. The biggest question when doing so may revolve around whether to do a full valuation or a calculation of value. Regardless of which option is chosen, the calculation should be made by a skilled professional. This is true no matter how the business is structured.

Navigating the path to full custody

In Georgia, both parents have the ability to seek full custody of their children when they are going through a divorce. While mothers may be seen as better caregivers, gender alone does not determine if a person is fit to raise a child. Those who are in a custody battle should make the best interests of their children a top priority. This means that they should not badmouth their spouse or take the children without notifying anyone.

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