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3 mistakes to avoid after parting ways with a spouse

As a novel divorcee, you're bound to make mistakes. With such a significant lifestyle change, you will need to learn how to adapt and navigate everyday obstacles to do so. Some challenges that you will encounter are foreseeable, such as needing to modify your finances. However, you should begin brainstorming a plan to overcome the unexpected challenges.

Here are some tips to avoid making common mistakes after divorcing your spouse.

Jumping into the dating scene

Like many divorcees, you may be eager to begin seeing other people off the bat. Unfortunately, jumping from one relationship to another can leave little room for you, and your children, to adjust. There's a reason that your last relationship didn't work out and you don't want to make the same mistakes when searching for a new partner. It's important to self-reflect and re-discover your identity. Once you find yourself, you're more likely to find a compatible partner and have a long and healthy relationship.

Expecting your child to pick sides

If you and your ex can't maintain an amicable relationship, the tension will trickle down to your child. When there is a disagreement regarding holidays and birthdays, you should avoid asking your child to choose who they want to spend time with. This behavior can cause inner turmoil as they may fear to let you down. Do your best to reach an agreement with your ex without putting your kid in the middle of it when it comes to resolving parenting issues.

Failing to take proper care of yourself

Divorce will affect your mental health. You are coping with the loss of a life partner and you likely need time to grieve. Isolating yourself from loved ones can amplify your feelings of loneliness and lead to depression. In addition, according to the American Journal of Psychiatry, divorcees are at high risk for developing alcoholism and engaging in binge drinking. It can be a good idea to seek out counseling to talk through your emotions to avoid the urge to engage in such risky behaviors.

You deserve to be happy after the split, but it may take some legwork to get there. Don't expect to complete the transition overnight. Following these tips may be able to help you to lead a healthy life postdivorce.

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