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August 2018 Archives

Bitcoin can complicate division of assets

Couples in Georgia who are getting divorced might have to face one more thing to complicate divorce negotiations. The use of bitcoin, which has fluctuated in value over the years, is now also cropping up in divorce cases with one spouse accusing the other of trying to hide assets with their bitcoin or couples fighting over the division of bitcoin.

What rights do grandparents have in child custody?

If your son or daughter is caught up in divorce proceedings, or is already divorced, you may be struggling to see your grandchild. This can be a painful situation for grandparents and grandchildren alike. Luckily in Georgia, grandparents have the right to ask the court to order visitation rights.

Friends of divorced people are more likely to divorce

The results of a recent study suggest that spouses in Georgia and around the country are far more likely to consider ending their own marriages if one of their friends goes through a divorce. Researchers from Harvard University, Brown University and the University of California at San Diego discovered that being friends with a divorced person increases a person's chance of getting divorced by 75 percent. The researchers said that seeing their friends exploring new opportunities and coping on their own often gave spouses inspiration to take action themselves.

An introduction to child support

It's no secret that dealing with divorce in Georgia can be challenging. For couples who have children together, the divorce process may be especially complicated and emotional. This can be a frustrating situation for everyone involved. Children might not understand what is happening, so their emotions could run wild. Similarly, parents may struggle to determine how to best handle the issues they now have to face because of the divorce proceedings.

What not to post on Facebook during divorce

Facebook is easily accessible through an app on your phone. You may even consider your phone, and Facebook, an extension of you. You post about the good times and the bad times, letting everyone know what is going on in your life at the moment. When you are going through a divorce, however, you may want to think twice before tapping "share."

Different types of child support cases

Although there are import legal considerations at issue in every divorce matter, the welfare of dependent children when present becomes a high priority for Georgia family law courts. However, understanding the respective rights and responsibilities of the individual parents can be confusing because there are different classifications of child support.

Rebuilding Financially After Divorce

Dealing with a divorce can be challenging, especially when finances are involved. Many couples realize that separation is inevitable and are prepared emotionally, yet aren't quite ready to handle the financial aspect of separation.

Student loan debt is a factor in many divorces

For couples divorcing in Georgia, it's not unusual for financial stress to be a factor that contributes to the split. One specific issue that's becoming increasingly common among divorcing couples is student loan debt, according to results from a study conducted by a debt management website. Student loan borrowers carry an average balance of just over $34,000. However, this amount may soon be closer to $40,000 based on recent trends.

Expert advice to make co-parenting work

While co-parenting may seem difficult, there are ways to make the process easier. As many divorced Georgia couples know, co-parenting succeeds when both parents work together to focus on the children's wellbeing. Fathers, in particular, often face an uphill battle because in many instances they are the non-custodial parent or have less time assigned with their children. Making that time count becomes very important, and communication, planning and organizing can the supporting pillars of successful co-parenting.

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