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September 2018 Archives

Emotional divorce: dissolving the psychological marriage

Although you have made the decision to end your marriage, it is also important to take time to understand the stages of divorce beyond the legal steps. In order to move on, you and your former spouse need time to disentangle from each other emotionally. Those who fail to do so increase their risk of a subsequent divorce, as well as long-term negative impacts to their children and themselves.

Co-parents should focus on their children

Georgia parents who have gone through a divorce may find it stressful to raise their children together. However, it is important that they recognize that the children have no say in how their parents choose to raise them. Therefore, it is important that the adults make decisions that are in the best interest of the children. This means that both parents should have a relationship with their offspring.

Helping children cope with a long distance move following divorce

For children, no matter their age, the divorce of parents marks a huge shift in their identity. Instead of being part of one intact family, they are now part of two families, maybe more if the parents have moved on and remarried. When a divorced parent relocates, the risk that the move will negatively impact the child increases, as the child will go from seeing the noncustodial parent every day or every other weekend to once or twice a year for vacations and some holidays. So, how can parents help their children through this difficult time?

How women approach retirement after divorce

Divorcing couples in Georgia may discover that the separation process can have a significant financial impact. Ex-wives are especially affected, with one 2008 study showing that the average income of divorced women sinks by more than 20 percent while the income of divorced men actually increases by almost 33 percent. However, there are ways for female divorcees to prepare for retirement.

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