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How parents can help kids during a divorce

Divorce can be a difficult topic for parents in Georgia. Some parents may stay in unhappy, difficult marriages for years on end because they are concerned about how a split could affect the children. Of course, many children can also be negatively affected by sharing a home with parents who argue frequently or exhibit an unhealthy relationship. Children often experience fear or uncertainty when their parents decide to divorce. However, when parents work together to show their kids love and stability, the transition can be easier for everyone.

Routine and stability are particularly important to a child's sense of resilience. Of course, divorce is a confusing time that is full of changes. The family home may be sold, and children may travel back and forth between their parents' houses. However, parents can also cement a feeling of security for their children by agreeing on major parenting issues. Even when parents don't get along well together, by putting their children first, they can communicate about key matters. Children benefit from shared expectations about basic rules like chores, bedtime or academic achievement at both parents' homes; they know what to expect from both of their parents.

In addition, many children feel guilt or responsibility about the divorce. Many parents seek to protect their children by not disclosing information about marital problems, but kids may wonder if they are to blame. Parents are right to not divulge their intimate issues. However, they can help children by reassuring that they are loved and had nothing to do with the separation.

Divorce can be a challenging time for parents and children, but families can come through to a more positive, loving future. A family law attorney can represent a divorcing parent throughout the process, working to achieve an agreement that addresses key issues around parenting time and child support.

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