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5 things you should never do in your divorce

There are certain mistakes that people make during their divorce processes again and again. Of course, if you've been through a divorce in the past, there's less of a chance that you'll make these mistakes. The problem is that most people going through a divorce have never experienced it before so they're prone to committing some errors.

Here's what you should avoid doing at all costs if you're currently dissolving your marriage:

Don't get "emotional": If you're ending your marriage, your emotions are going to be running high. That's a given, and you shouldn't worry about feeling sad or depressed about the break-up. On the other hand, you need to avoid letting your emotions affect your decision-making process. You also need to prevent your emotions from causing you to lash out at your ex, which could inhibit your ability to reach a divorce settlement.

Don't move away: Many people want to start their new lives immediately. They start making plans to move to a new state, a new country or they look for a new job that requires them to relocate. You might want to delay these plans until you get your divorce finalized. Being in another state could cause unwanted delays.

Don't break your temporary child custody arrangements: If you have children, the judge will want you to establish temporary child custody or temporary visitation arrangements. It's important that you adhere to these arrangements. Breaking the temporary child custody orders could endanger your permanent child custody rights at a later time.

Don't hide property: Spouses have to be completely up front and transparent about their possessions and assets. Failure to disclose everything that you own may cause trouble for your asset division process. Hiding assets -- and getting caught -- could hinder your ability to retain all of the assets to which you have a right.

Don't try to divorce by yourself: It's certainly tempting to try and achieve a "do-it-yourself" divorce, but this is a recipe for disaster. A qualified divorce attorney is essential to make sure you protect your rights in your divorce process.

If you're ready to get a divorce in Georgia, don't delay. The sooner you get the process moving, the sooner you'll be done with it, and the sooner you'll get to start building a new life and future.

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