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Studies say attractiveness, marriage stability related

When people in Georgia marry spouses who are significantly more or less attractive than they are, the marriage might be more likely to end in divorce. An article in "Psychology Today" reported that several studies have found that a roughly similar level of attractiveness between couples increases the likelihood that the marriage will last.

A study that examined online dating practices found that it was common for people to express interest in those who were more attractive than they were. However, people generally tend to gravitate toward relationships with people who are at similar levels of attractiveness. One study reported that women with less attractive partners are more likely to flirt with others and show less commitment to the relationship. Marriages in these types of mismatched pairings may end because the less attractive partner is jealous, according to some research.

On the other hand, more than 80 couples were rated by undergraduates for attractiveness and interviewed by a researcher about their relationships. This study found that husbands married to more attractive wives were happier and more helpful. Another study found that relationships were more stable when the participants had a history of friendship first. In these relationships, the levels of attractiveness did not seem to matter.

A marriage may end in divorce for this or many other reasons including disagreements about finances, children and goals. These disagreements can influence the course of divorce negotiations as well. There may be distrust about how property will be divided, or one or both parents might pursue sole custody. In general, people are usually more satisfied with a divorce agreement that they negotiate instead of going to trial. These negotiations may be conducted with the assistance of their attorneys, and even high-conflict couples might be able to resolve their differences in mediation. Unlike litigation, mediation focuses on finding a solution that satisfies all parties.

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