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3 ways a therapist can help you during divorce

The end of your marriage is undoubtedly going to be a stressful time for you and people closest to you. Even if you know that divorce is the best option in your situation, you may still experience complex emotions and irrational impulses that could damage your personal life or even your career. Finding a healthy way to handle all of your emotions can help.

While some people associate counseling or therapy with mental illness, the average person who is a healthy and well-adjusted adult can still benefit from therapy in certain situations. Divorce, which is a major source of stress and emotional trauma, is a perfect example of a situation in which an otherwise healthy adult could benefit from counseling.

Handling a divorce with grace and moving on to a happier life is easier when you have proper support. There are three nearly universal benefits that people could experience if they attend counseling during and after a divorce.

You can speak openly because what you say is confidential

Your emotions will likely run away with you at the end of your marriage. It is common for people to experience intense grief, profound anger and overwhelming guilt, as well as a host of other emotional responses such as a sense of personal failure.

With your social network rapidly changing, you may struggle to know who you can talk to about your emotions without complicating your divorce or your legal situation. You don't want your deepest confessions to wind up on social media or a topic of gossip.

A therapist, by nature of their professional relationship with you, has to keep your emotional confessions confidential. The only exception to that rule is if your counselor has reason to believe that you pose an imminent threat to yourself or someone else. Otherwise, you can talk about all of the emotional baggage from your divorce and sort through your feelings without worrying about your confessions changing the way that people view you.

Your counselor will keep things in perspective

Strong emotions bring with them the potential for poor decision-making. When we let our feelings run the show, our choices may not be as rational as they might be in other circumstances. Some people will say that they act like a totally different person during their divorce. That can be because you lose touch with yourself and let your emotions take control of everything you do.

A therapist or counselor can provide a much-needed outside perspective that can help you remain focused on your future instead of perseverating about the mistakes and failures of your past.

Your counselor can help you move on and adjust as a parent

Getting ready to date again can be difficult, particularly if your marriage was long or ended due to extreme circumstances such as infidelity or marital violence. Addressing your residual feelings and the psychological impact of your marriage on your overall health and emotional resilience will make you better able to approach a new relationship.

Therapy will also help you keep your kids as the focus when dealing with issues related to children from the marriage. Changing your approaches to parenting as your marriage ends can be one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce. A therapist can help you evaluate your priorities as a parent and ensure that complications from your relationship with your ex aren't infiltrating the critical parent-child relationship you have with your kids.

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