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Wedding planning should include divorce negotiations

Couples in Georgia typically spend a lot of time planning their weddings. However, they are more likely to talk about where the event will take place as opposed to the terms of a prenuptial agreement. There can be a variety of benefits for couples who choose to negotiate the terms of their divorce before they even get married. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the fact that they have had a discussion about money, which is the second-leading ground for divorce.

In a divorce, an individual must show evidence that an asset is separate property that should not be divided with a former spouse. However, banks and brokers only maintain records for seven years. If an individual fails to keep records beyond seven years, it will be difficult to determine the origin of an asset. It can also be relatively easy to commingle assets during a marriage, which may turn a separate asset into a marital one.

Creating a prenuptial agreement may protect current assets and future earnings or inheritances. The agreement may state that a spouse is only entitled to a percentage of any income a person generates from royalties or other passive revenue streams. Prenuptial agreements may be ideal if one person in a relationship has a higher income or net worth than the other partner.

Generally speaking, prenuptial agreements allow couples to resolve property division and alimony issues before a divorce takes place. Therefore, an individual may feel less stress and frustration if a marriage comes to an end. This can make it easier to negotiate a parenting plan or potentially remain friends with a former spouse. An attorney could help negotiate or review a prenuptial or other agreement.

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