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Your professional success can impact your divorce outcome

Working in a high-stress and demanding profession can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you are a doctor, dentist, business executive or engineer, you may experience personal satisfaction thanks to your ability to do such difficult work and receive substantial financial compensation for your efforts.

Unfortunately, it can be your marriage and family that get the short end of the stick if you have a demanding career. In fact, highly educated professionals may be at increased risk of divorce because they just don't have as much time to spend with their loved ones. As if that weren't bad enough, your professional and financial success can impact the way that the courts handle your divorce.

Working long hours could impact your custody rights

Most of the time, the family courts in Georgia want to create arrangements where both parents have ongoing and positive relationships with the children. Shared custody arrangements, known as co-parenting arrangements, are preferred because they safeguard both parental relationships, which is typically in the best interests of the children.

However, there are circumstances in which the courts may allocate most or all of the parenting time to one parent, relegating the other to visitation only. If your job requires incredibly long shifts, erratic hours or extended travel, this could influence the way that the courts split up parenting time.

They will need to consider your ability to attend to tasks like retrieving a sick child from school and providing care after class and at night. Additionally, the courts may consider the bond that your spouse has with the children, especially if they are the one who primarily fills the role of caregiver on most days.

When you make more, you have more to lose

You and your spouse have come to expect a certain standard of living through the course of your marriage. Your children will also expect to maintain a similar lifestyle after the divorce. If you make substantially more than your ex, the courts may consider this as well as your ex's earning potential, when they look at how to split up your assets and whether to award spousal support for child support to your ex.

Professional success makes you capable of providing

No matter what career path you follow, your professional and financial success means that you can provide the things your family needs. You can use your employment as evidence of your ability to take care of the children and meet their needs.

It can also be a testament to your character, as individuals with poor work ethics or serious issues may not be able to maintain such profitable and demanding jobs. How your career will affect your divorce will vary largely depending on how it affected your marriage and how you plan to approach your family dynamics after the divorce.

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