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Divorcing? Ask these questions first

While you and your spouse may no longer get along and your life may feel frustrating, it's important not to start the divorce process until you know that it's the right choice for your situation. If you talk to your spouse about divorce suddenly, they may be surprised or hurt. They may also suggest going to marital counseling or trying alternatives.

Prior to getting a divorce, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Have you communicated your unhappiness and what you'd like to see change?

It may be that your spouse doesn't understand you're unhappy or that something they're doing is upsetting to you. Talk about it. Communication is the only way to bring a problem out into the open.

2. Have you taken the time to change your own behaviors when they're contributing to conflict in the marriage?

Sometimes, your own behaviors may play a part in your decision to divorce. You may feel you don't have enough time away from your spouse, for example, and then spend nights out without calling home. This can be problematic and hurtful to the relationship. It's best to sit down and discuss the problem so you can decide how to get time away without causing your spouse to worry or become frustrated.

In cases where they want to control you or your whereabouts, this could be a red flag that reassures you divorce is the right option.

3. Are you prepared financially?

Divorces can be expensive and you will need to make a budget for living on your own afterwards. Are you financially prepared to be a single person without your spouse's support in providing for your home? Be practical, because if you cannot survive outside the home without their financial support, now might not be the right time to divorce.

There are lots of cases of people looking into divorce but finding that staying married is the right choice for them. What you choose is up to you but it's best to be certain before you move forward.

If you do decide to divorce, you should reach out to an attorney to find out more about the documents you need before you approach the subject of divorce with your spouse.

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