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Successful coparenting is a slow process

Separated or divorced parents in Georgia will need to create a parenting plan that works for the entire family. Since children deserve to keep a bond with both parents, even after a split, figuring out a coparenting agreement is one of the most important aspects of a separation.

Parents should look at coparenting as a process since it involves helping their children move toward a new normal while maintaining a positive growing environment and stability. Keeping the child's best interests as the guiding principle for a parenting plan is important.

Depending on the child's age, the factors involved for successful coparenting can change. Young infants are very dependent on a primary caretaker and should spend most of their time with that parent. However, the parenting time should include bonding time with the other parent at least two or three times a week for several hours. As the children grow, an overnight visit can be introduced. Eventually, as children become preschoolers, this can extend into a two-day, one-night visit.

School-aged children, who often have very set school and social schedules, might be able to enjoy alternating weeks with each parent. Adolescents often have more unstable schedules when it comes to social and extracurricular activities, but they also tend to be more independent and might handle custody arrangements differently. No matter the visitation and custody plan, it should include time for the other parent to communicate with the children when they are not in their custody.

Creating the right parenting plan for the family can help improve the emotional stability of everyone involved. During the process, parents might consult with a family law attorney. Legal counsel might explain the options available to the client and offer representation during negotiations with the other parent.

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