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Parents aren't living lavishly off child support

A report called Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support looked to find out how much child support parents are owed and how much they actually receive. It also determined how many parents have child support arrangements in Georgia and throughout the nation. The 2016 report found that there were 13.4 million single custodial parents in the United States. The average support owed to custodial parents was $5,774 annually.

More women are paying alimony

Throughout Georgia and the rest of the nation, female breadwinners are becoming more commonplace. In a recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more than 40 percent of attorney respondents said they have seen an increase in women paying alimony. In that same survey, 54 percent said that there is a rise in mothers paying child support.

Jodie Sweetin to pay $2,800 in child support for daughter

Entertainers like Jodie Sweetin, the star of "Fuller House", might appear to viewers in Georgia to lead exciting lives, but they also have to follow court orders. A court has decided that Sweetin needs to pay her ex-husband $2,800 every month to support their 7-year-old daughter.

People using gig work to avoid child support

Employers in Georgia are required to report all new hires to a database designed to track parents who are under orders to pay child support. Most employers, however, are not required to report new gig workers or independent contractors. Even in states where the law requires reporting new contractors, large companies like Uber and Lyft do not always follow the rules, according to the head of the Department of Child Support Services in California.

Child support modification based on a change in income

A Georgia non-custodial parent who has a job change that results in a lower income may need to change the amount of child support paid. This is called a child support modification. A parent can go through the court system to apply for a child support modification, and the court will decide whether the income change merits a reduction of the payment amount.

How emancipation affects child support

When a child in Georgia is emancipated, if one parent makes child support payments, they may no longer be obligated to continue those payments. Emancipation most often occurs when a child turns 18. However, child support payments might continue after this point. A child might also be emancipated for other reasons. For example, economic independence, military service, marriage and abandoning the parental home are all reasons that a person might be considered emancipated.

How disability might affect child support

If Georgia noncustodial parents who are under a court order to pay child support become disabled, the custodial parents might wonder whether they will continue to receive those payments. If the disability means that the noncustodial parents will no longer be able to pay the same amount of child support that they paid previously, they will need to go to court to ask for a modification in support. The parent will continue to be obligated to pay the same amount in child support until this modification is approved.

The connection between child support and paternal involvement

A study has found that fathers who do not pay child support are also less likely to spend time with their children. Georgia fathers who are behind on support may also be less likely to provide their child with items like toys and food or to take part in activities such as helping them with homework.

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