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The role of a prenuptial agreement in divorce

Couples in Georgia may think they do not need a prenuptial agreement if they are not wealthy. However, people who are getting married and who own a retirement account or who have other investments may want to reconsider. A prenup can help protect the assets a person brings into a marriage. It can also protect assets for any children a person may have from a previous relationship.

Signs that a marriage may be ending

The decision to get a divorce can be a difficult one for some people in Georgia. They may wonder whether they need to give the relationship another chance. According to some experts, there are signs that can indicate when the relationship is in serious trouble and that divorce may be the best option.

Wedding planning should include divorce negotiations

Couples in Georgia typically spend a lot of time planning their weddings. However, they are more likely to talk about where the event will take place as opposed to the terms of a prenuptial agreement. There can be a variety of benefits for couples who choose to negotiate the terms of their divorce before they even get married. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the fact that they have had a discussion about money, which is the second-leading ground for divorce.

How older adults can take to protect themselves in a divorce

Divorce among spouses 55 and older is on the rise. For those who are at least 65, the chance of getting a divorce has more than doubled since 1990. These older ex-spouses could face many challenges during the property division process. For many Georgia couples, mediation may be a better solution than going to court since it's less adversarial.

Property division and compensation structure in divorce

How people in Georgia are compensated at work may affect how property is divided in a divorce. If one or both people are paid a regular salary, the division may be fairly straightforward. However, if there are bonuses, commissions, stock options or other perks, the process may become more complex.

Some marital problems more likely to lead to divorce

A study that was published by the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy has highlighted the top four reasons that people in Georgia and around the country get divorced. They are lack of intimacy or love, lack of trust, sympathy or respect, growing apart, and communication problems. The study involved surveys of 2,371 straight people who had recently gone through a divorce, and their average age was 45 years old.

Why couples may want to consider a prenuptial agreement

Prenups are not just for the very wealthy or celebrities. Many couples in Georgia who are not rich or famous might benefit from a prenuptial agreement. With a prenup, a couple can make an agreement about the assets they are bringing into the marriage, how they will divide assets they accumulate during the marriage and whether one partner will pay support to the other in case of divorce.

Handling a divorce after a job loss

When one spouse loses a job during divorce proceedings in Georgia, financial decisions can become very complicated. The first thing the court will want to know is the cause of the job loss. Spouses who lose their job due to layoffs, meaning they are not at fault, will likely be treated favorably by the court. Spouses who get fired for negligence or incompetence may not get any relief in financial responsibilities from the court.

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