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Properly dividing retirment plans in a divorce

Georgia couples who get a divorce should know that the different types of retirement accounts that they will have to divide each come with their own rules regarding how they should be divided. If the wrong procedure is used, divorcees may be saddled with very high taxes and penalties. The account holders may also unintentionally give their ex-spouses a larger portion of the retirement funds than to which they may be entitled.

Disputes about divorce terms place decisions in hands of judge

The marital settlement agreement, also known as a divorce settlement, formally establishes how a couple in Georgia will divide marital assets. If children are present, then it will describe the custody and support details. Alimony might also be a factor in dissolving marriages that involve spouses with substantially different incomes. Whether the ex-spouses come to terms privately or a judge imposes the terms, the settlement becomes a legally binding court order.

Deciding living arrangements is key in divorce

When Georgia couples decide to separate or end a marriage, making decisions related to living arrangements is one of the first bridges to be crossed. Unfortunately, the timing often coincides with the most turbulent emotional period in the divorce process. Each party must balance individual wants and needs with logistical and financial realities in order to find the right solution.

Dealing with a divorce after creating a start-up company

When Georgia couples decide to end their marriage, it can be difficult to decide how marital assets will be divided. However, for those who become lucky with their startups, going through the divorce process can be even more difficult due to the amount of money and business assets that may be at stake.

Working together to sell the family home

Georgia couples that are divorcing will also be negotiating over what share of the assets each person should get. Part of this negotiation might include the decision to sell the family home. In order to get the most for their home, divorcing couples should work together to get it ready for sale and through the selling process.

How to handle a car loan in a divorce

As part of a divorce settlement, a person may be ordered to pay some or all marital debts. This may mean that a Georgia resident is required to make car loan payments even if his or her name isn't on the account. However, if a person's name is not on the account, there is no need to make payments absent a court order.

How property is divided in a Georgia divorce

When a Georgia couple gets a divorce, one of the decisions that must be made is how property will be divided. The first step is deciding what is marital property and what is separate property that belongs to individuals. Marital property will tend to be assets that are acquired during the marriage such as income, real estate, some insurance policies, stocks and bonds, and vehicles. Separate property may include assets that each person brought into the marriage, inheritances, gifts and any items that the two people divorcing agree count as separate property.

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