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Posts tagged "Divorce"

The rise of "gray divorce"

Recently, residents of Georgia and the rest of the United States have witnessed the progression of a broadening trend called "gray divorce." This term is typically applied when a person gets divorced after their 50th birthday. Although the nation's overall divorce rate has declined in the past two decades, gray divorce is unquestionably on the rise. Considering how the social stigma surrounding divorce has greatly diminished, it may seem natural that spouses in the older demographic would increasingly go their separate ways.

Property division in divorce includes retirement savings

Retirement might be years away when couples in Georgia decide to end their marriages. Their savings for retirement, however, will generally be counted as marital assets whether they are held in individual accounts or employer-sponsored plans. Accessibility of funds, penalties for early withdrawal and impacts on Social Security benefits all need to be considered by people negotiating their split.

Studies say attractiveness, marriage stability related

When people in Georgia marry spouses who are significantly more or less attractive than they are, the marriage might be more likely to end in divorce. An article in "Psychology Today" reported that several studies have found that a roughly similar level of attractiveness between couples increases the likelihood that the marriage will last.

Managing divorce after the alimony tax rule changes

In 2019, alimony will be different for newly divorced couples in Georgia, at least when it comes to taxes. Going forward from Jan. 1, alimony payments will not be tax-deductible for the ex-spouse making payments. Also, the recipient will no longer have to list payments as taxable income. For couples not able to get their divorce in before the new rules take effect, it may still be possible to minimize financial burdens after a split.

How parents can help kids during a divorce

Divorce can be a difficult topic for parents in Georgia. Some parents may stay in unhappy, difficult marriages for years on end because they are concerned about how a split could affect the children. Of course, many children can also be negatively affected by sharing a home with parents who argue frequently or exhibit an unhealthy relationship. Children often experience fear or uncertainty when their parents decide to divorce. However, when parents work together to show their kids love and stability, the transition can be easier for everyone.

Emotional divorce: dissolving the psychological marriage

Although you have made the decision to end your marriage, it is also important to take time to understand the stages of divorce beyond the legal steps. In order to move on, you and your former spouse need time to disentangle from each other emotionally. Those who fail to do so increase their risk of a subsequent divorce, as well as long-term negative impacts to their children and themselves.

Friends of divorced people are more likely to divorce

The results of a recent study suggest that spouses in Georgia and around the country are far more likely to consider ending their own marriages if one of their friends goes through a divorce. Researchers from Harvard University, Brown University and the University of California at San Diego discovered that being friends with a divorced person increases a person's chance of getting divorced by 75 percent. The researchers said that seeing their friends exploring new opportunities and coping on their own often gave spouses inspiration to take action themselves.

Rebuilding Financially After Divorce

Dealing with a divorce can be challenging, especially when finances are involved. Many couples realize that separation is inevitable and are prepared emotionally, yet aren't quite ready to handle the financial aspect of separation.

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