Alpharetta, GA
Ed Hecht has been an incredible help during a very difficult divorce. My ex had tried to convince me that I only needed a lawyer to review the agreement that he drafted, and that I should immediately sign. Ed rewrote the entire document to protect my interests in every possible way, addressing areas that I didn't know needed addressed, and followed up with me frequently to ensure I was comfortable with the process before signing anything at all. His attention to detail saved me from settling for far less than I deserved and need in order to move on from a long marriage and live on my own for the first time in my adult life. Ed has always been very quick to respond via phone, text, and email, and when you sit in his office and he pauses for a moment to answer a call/text, KNOW that he's doing the same for you in someone else's meeting. It's that attention and eagerness to help that truly gave me the confidence that I had found the right representation for my needs. Almost a full year later, another issue recently came up, and Ed did not hesitate to jump in and take control, giving me not only the end result I needed to clear up the matter at hand, but also was able to get my ex to reimburse me for Ed's fees that were necessary due to negligence to comply with a section of our agreement. I have full confidence that should any other situations arise, Ed will be able to resolve quickly and effectively.