Alpharetta, GA
Fantastic and Caring Attorney and Law Firm!! I went through a divorce with minor children after 25 years of marriage. I was referred to Ed Hecht and Hecht Family Law, and I’m so grateful for the referral because I couldn’t have gotten through this difficult time without Ed to lean on, for both the legal issues as well as the human/personal issues that come with the ending of a marriage. Ed is a fierce advocate for his clients and knows all the intricacies of the law as well as how to negotiate against opposing counsel to make the best use of the facts of the case. He was ready to battle it out in court if needed, and because of his preparation and persuasive ability, we settled the case in mediation and I’m delighted with the outcome, which allows my ex and I to be able to continue to cooperatively coparent our children to adulthood and which also made sure I was well protected from the perspective of property and financial matters. Ed has been through this himself and his experience brings a level of care and empathy and relatability that I would not have gotten anywhere else. Please, if you are reading this, reach out to Ed and his team and let them help you through whatever family law issue you’re going through, like they did for me! Sharon H.