How You Can Turn A Disastrous Divorce Into As Quick And Painless A Process As Possible

Receive The Guidance You Need To Make Decisions With Your Head And Not Your Heart

"Ed Hecht has been amazing through this entire process. He has proteced my and my children's legal rights, explained everything in easy-to-understand terms , is always reachable day, nights and weekends, is caring toward me and my children, really knows what he's doing , and I am so glad I was referred to Ed.

LL. Forsyth,
Atlanta, GA

Don't Let Your Divorce Toxify Your Mind & Sanity

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    It Is After All YOUR Divorce. But your closest friends and family may be trying to put pressure on you. - Do NOT Despair. You Might Be Worried That You Will Lose The Close Connections You Have Made With Your Spouse's Friends And Family. Perhaps you worry they are talking behind your back. While your friends and family may not approve - this is your life! It's your life, your children, your assets at risk-so it must be YOUR Decision only!

    Don't Let Your Mind Play Tricks On You And Make You Think You Must Be Sentenced To Life In Prison With A Person You No Longer Love Or Can No Longer Be With.

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    I Am Sure You Are Facing Bitter And Unsettling Thoughts. What will this do to my life? What about my children? What will this cost me? I will help you set all of this aside so we can focus on your exact desired outcome. Then together we will work to try and achieve that goal.

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    Sharing Custody Of Your Children With Someone You Despise Makes Your Life And Your Children's Lives Harder. Together, you and I will work to create a fair and seamless situation for child custody, child support and visitation rights.

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Tell Me What's Important For You To Get Out Of Your Divorce. More Time With Your Children? Your House? Your Car? Your Life Savings? I will work with you to help you fight for whats yours. I will be your emotional bodyguard to the end.

Do NOT Do This By Yourself

When You Couple Heat Of The Moment Reactions With Uncertainty And Anger- It Can Cause You To Make Poor Decission That Can Have Lifetime Effects. I Know You Are Juggling Delicate Memories And You Want To Protect Your Extremely Valuable Interests. But Making The Wrong Judgement Call On Your Own, Can Put Everything At Risk. I Will Make Sure You Avoid This.

Avoid Mistakes

You Need A Guiding Light To Keep You From Giving In To Irreversible Mistakes That May Cost You Things Like Your Home, Having To Pay Impossibly High Child Support Or Almony Or Even Lose Custody Of Your Kids. You Do Not Want To Find Yourself In That Position. Don't Take Action Without Talking To Me First. Give Me A Quick Call At The Number Above And I Will Help You Through This!

How To Do Your Best For Your Children

As A Divorced, Single Father Of Two Children, I Can Tell You That Your Kids Are Most LIkely Worrying About "A Second Home" , "Dealing With A New Life" , "Feeling Divorce Is Somehow Their Fault" . Talking To Them To Recognize That Their Feelings Are Normal And Not Their Fault Depends On "You". Even If Your Partner Is A Jerk , A Fair Agreement Needs To Be Reached - Taking Into Consideration Your Children's Opinion. Let Me Help You Through This Process.

How To Move On After Your Divorce

Let Me Equip You With The Tools Knowledge And Practical Advise You Will Need. You Will Rest Easy Knowing That Any Agreements We Enter Into Are Air-tight. If You Are Facing A Child Support Or Child Custody Modification, I Can Help You Navigate These Sometimes Very Tricky Waters.

Whatever issue you are facing–whether the initial Divorce, Child Support or Child Custody Issues, Modification of Child Support, Modification of Custody, or Non-Compliance with the Court's Order (Contempt)–Hecht Family Law will protect your rights and help you get through it.

Whatever issue you are facing–whether the initial Divorce, Child Support or Child Custody Issues, Modification of Child Support, Modification of Custody, or Non-Compliance with the Court's Order (Contempt)–Hecht Family Law will protect your rights and help you get through it.

"Family law matters are often complex and are usually handled during periods of high stress and emotion. It can be difficult to make life-impacting decisions under such circumstances. For this reason, it is important to have a family lawyer help you wade through the chaos." (Fmaily Law and Divorce Law Information and Resources)

Very few divorces end amicably and there can be numerous disputes during the process whether you have children or not. Just dividing up belongings or bills can be emotional, difficult, and extremely stressful. Divorce law is designed to make things as fair and straightforward as possible so that both parties walk away from the marriage with what they should. Hecht Family Law will help you address a number of issues, like:

  • How will custody of the children be discussed/argued/handled?
  • How will each party be protected throughout the divorce proceedings?
  • What does it take to get a divorce in and around the Atlanta, GA area?
  • How long will the divorce process take?

Even if your divorce is relatively peaceable, it is important that you have an attorney representing you. Otherwise, your interests may not be looked after. If the divorce is contentious, then you definitely cannot go without legal representation. The outcomes are simply too important to go it alone.

In addition to actually filing for divorce itself, your divorce may cover 4 other specifc areas: Spousal support and how your assets and liabilities will be divided up. Additionally if you have children, child support and custody issues will likely come into play.

At Hecht Family Law we understand that this is not only a very trying time for you, but that you want to get what you want and deserve during the divorce process. Ed Hecht and his team always keep your end goal in mind.

Ready to rest easy tonight? Contact Ed Hecht and his experienced team to discuss your family law matter today.

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