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Can I date during my divorce?

For some people, starting over cannot happen fast enough after a marriage has failed. But what are the consequences of jumping in fast and dating right after separating from your spouse? If you are dating, or plan to start dating immediately, have you thought it through? There are a variety of reasons why it is better to wait until your divorce decree is signed prior to entering into a new relationship, some are legal, others are for your overall wellbeing.

Keeping finances separate a growing trend among younger couples

There are many choices that come before a couple when they get married. One is whether to merge their finances together or keep parts of their finances separate.

In the past, it was relatively rare for spouses to keep separate finances. However, this has been changing. Survey results point to millennial couples being more likely to maintain separate finances than older generations.

Avoid sharing the same attorney as your spouse in a divorce

Divorce can be a financial burden no matter if you are middle income or if you are the CEO of a major company. It’s not uncommon for many upcoming divorcees in Georgia to develop tactics that aim to decrease the amount of money they will lose in the separation. One of these strategies is to hire the same lawyer to represent both of them in the divorce proceedings, which tends to happen if the divorce is uncontested.

Do not consider this option. Any attorney you would ask in Georgia to represent both of you in a divorce will turn your request down for the following reasons:

Emotional divorce: dissolving the psychological marriage

Although you have made the decision to end your marriage, it is also important to take time to understand the stages of divorce beyond the legal steps. In order to move on, you and your former spouse need time to disentangle from each other emotionally. Those who fail to do so increase their risk of a subsequent divorce, as well as long-term negative impacts to their children and themselves.

Co-parents should focus on their children

Georgia parents who have gone through a divorce may find it stressful to raise their children together. However, it is important that they recognize that the children have no say in how their parents choose to raise them. Therefore, it is important that the adults make decisions that are in the best interest of the children. This means that both parents should have a relationship with their offspring.

Furthermore, both parents should encourage their children to have a relationship with the other parent. Parents should always choose their words carefully and avoid saying bad things about a former spouse or anyone the other parent chooses to associate with. Over time, children may pick up on a parent's bad habits and start emulating that behavior themselves. Furthermore, it is possible that those words get back to the subject who was being talked about.

Helping children cope with a long distance move following divorce

For children, no matter their age, the divorce of parents marks a huge shift in their identity. Instead of being part of one intact family, they are now part of two families, maybe more if the parents have moved on and remarried. When a divorced parent relocates, the risk that the move will negatively impact the child increases, as the child will go from seeing the noncustodial parent every day or every other weekend to once or twice a year for vacations and some holidays. So, how can parents help their children through this difficult time?

Financial concerns for older divorcing adults

Older couples in Georgia may be at a higher risk for divorce than they would have been in the past. Twice as many people 50 and older divorce compared to 1990, and three times as many who are 65 and older do.

There appear to be several reasons for this trend. Second marriages have a higher divorce rate than first marriages. Shorter marriages are also more likely than longer marriages to end. Women with divorced parents are 60 percent more likely to get a divorce themselves, and men with divorced parents are 35 percent more likely. However, the divorces are not tied with certain life changes, such as an empty nest or retirement, as people might assume. Instead, research shows that older adults generally divorce for the same reasons that younger ones do. They are unhappy with the quality of their marriage and do not enjoy spending time with one another.

How women approach retirement after divorce

Divorcing couples in Georgia may discover that the separation process can have a significant financial impact. Ex-wives are especially affected, with one 2008 study showing that the average income of divorced women sinks by more than 20 percent while the income of divorced men actually increases by almost 33 percent. However, there are ways for female divorcees to prepare for retirement.

According to the results of a study from Boston College, the long-term financial state of a divorced woman will be more favorable if they leave their marriage with possession of the home. When it comes to asset accumulation, homeownership is an important factor in why divorced women have a history of faring better than single women who have never been married.

Bitcoin can complicate division of assets

Couples in Georgia who are getting divorced might have to face one more thing to complicate divorce negotiations. The use of bitcoin, which has fluctuated in value over the years, is now also cropping up in divorce cases with one spouse accusing the other of trying to hide assets with their bitcoin or couples fighting over the division of bitcoin.

With bitcoin's value changing rapidly, the negotiation for the division of bitcoins or even finding proof that those bitcoins are owned by an ex-spouse can complicate a high-asset divorce. While bitcoin is difficult to trace, digital forensics experts can review someone's email to find if and when they were using bitcoin. However, it is a slow, expensive process that can cost more than the bitcoin are worth. For bitcoin to be divided fairly, the spouses would first have to agree on the value of the bitcoin on the day of the final divorce hearing. This also means having to reevaluate the value of the bitcoin at every step of the divorce process.

What rights do grandparents have in child custody?

If your son or daughter is caught up in divorce proceedings, or is already divorced, you may be struggling to see your grandchild. This can be a painful situation for grandparents and grandchildren alike. Luckily in Georgia, grandparents have the right to ask the court to order visitation rights.

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