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What divorced spouses should review at the end of the year

Starting a brand new year can mean a lot for recently divorced individuals. The next 12 months could be the first full year without your spouse by their side. Some find it depressing, while others find it relieving as they enter their new phase in life. You could make resolutions to improve yourself physically or financially to start recovering from the separation, or you could go back to dating to see if your true soulmate is still out there.

There are several areas about your divorce that you should look over before the clock strikes midnight on December 31 regardless of how long it’s been since the finalization. New divorcees will have to begin adjusting to their post-separation conditions while older ones may have had something significant happen to them in the last year that could change the court’s orders on the matter. You can get a better sense of how your life will be going forward if you look at the categories individually.

The advantages of parallel parenting in high-conflict divorces

Divorcing Georgia couples may wonder how they can create a healthy environment for their children if they are unable to get along. A strong co-parenting relationship is the ideal situation, but this is not always possible. In some cases, parents simply have too much conflict to communicate and cooperate in the way that is necessary to successfully raise their kids together.

However, they can still share custody or allow the noncustodial parent visitation time by becoming parallel parents. The idea behind parallel parenting is to remove the possibility of conflict by having no direct contact between the parents. According to research, the most harmful aspect of a divorce is the conflict children witness between their parents, so parallel parenting allows them to eliminate this problem regardless of their feelings toward one another.

Grandparents stepping in as parents as drug crisis escalates

The number of children being raised by grandparents has dramatically increased over the past decade, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. One reason behind this increase is due to increased substance abuse by parents which results in children being removed from their parents. In Georgia, children are more likely to be taken on by relatives rather than the foster care system to avoid disruption in the child’s routine.

How some fathers may struggle over child custody, support

When fathers in Georgia get a divorce or are not married to the mother of their children, they may face problems with custody and visitation. Courts are supposed to give equal consideration to mothers and fathers, but although mothers may also struggle in family court sometimes, they also make up over 80 percent of custodial parents.

If a father cannot make the full child support payment, he should still try to pay some portion of it. Penalties for not paying child support can include jail time, but showing a good faith effort may prevent this. Fathers may want to talk to an attorney about going to court and asking for a modification in support. If the court grants it, it will not affect child support that is already owed but may reduce future payments.

How parents can help kids during a divorce

Divorce can be a difficult topic for parents in Georgia. Some parents may stay in unhappy, difficult marriages for years on end because they are concerned about how a split could affect the children. Of course, many children can also be negatively affected by sharing a home with parents who argue frequently or exhibit an unhealthy relationship. Children often experience fear or uncertainty when their parents decide to divorce. However, when parents work together to show their kids love and stability, the transition can be easier for everyone.

Routine and stability are particularly important to a child's sense of resilience. Of course, divorce is a confusing time that is full of changes. The family home may be sold, and children may travel back and forth between their parents' houses. However, parents can also cement a feeling of security for their children by agreeing on major parenting issues. Even when parents don't get along well together, by putting their children first, they can communicate about key matters. Children benefit from shared expectations about basic rules like chores, bedtime or academic achievement at both parents' homes; they know what to expect from both of their parents.

Can I date during my divorce?

For some people, starting over cannot happen fast enough after a marriage has failed. But what are the consequences of jumping in fast and dating right after separating from your spouse? If you are dating, or plan to start dating immediately, have you thought it through? There are a variety of reasons why it is better to wait until your divorce decree is signed prior to entering into a new relationship, some are legal, others are for your overall wellbeing.

Keeping finances separate a growing trend among younger couples

There are many choices that come before a couple when they get married. One is whether to merge their finances together or keep parts of their finances separate.

In the past, it was relatively rare for spouses to keep separate finances. However, this has been changing. Survey results point to millennial couples being more likely to maintain separate finances than older generations.

Avoid sharing the same attorney as your spouse in a divorce

Divorce can be a financial burden no matter if you are middle income or if you are the CEO of a major company. It’s not uncommon for many upcoming divorcees in Georgia to develop tactics that aim to decrease the amount of money they will lose in the separation. One of these strategies is to hire the same lawyer to represent both of them in the divorce proceedings, which tends to happen if the divorce is uncontested.

Do not consider this option. Any attorney you would ask in Georgia to represent both of you in a divorce will turn your request down for the following reasons:

Emotional divorce: dissolving the psychological marriage

Although you have made the decision to end your marriage, it is also important to take time to understand the stages of divorce beyond the legal steps. In order to move on, you and your former spouse need time to disentangle from each other emotionally. Those who fail to do so increase their risk of a subsequent divorce, as well as long-term negative impacts to their children and themselves.

Co-parents should focus on their children

Georgia parents who have gone through a divorce may find it stressful to raise their children together. However, it is important that they recognize that the children have no say in how their parents choose to raise them. Therefore, it is important that the adults make decisions that are in the best interest of the children. This means that both parents should have a relationship with their offspring.

Furthermore, both parents should encourage their children to have a relationship with the other parent. Parents should always choose their words carefully and avoid saying bad things about a former spouse or anyone the other parent chooses to associate with. Over time, children may pick up on a parent's bad habits and start emulating that behavior themselves. Furthermore, it is possible that those words get back to the subject who was being talked about.

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