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Helping a child cope with divorce and child custody issues

When a Georgia couple chooses to divorce, children are a prominent concern. Child custody, visitation and other issues will come to the forefront. Children can be negatively impacted by their parents divorcing, so taking steps to avoid this is key.

The children will have concerns that are important to them. Children might prefer one parent to the other, which can stem from a parent allowing certain behaviors or giving gifts. Still, the parent-child relationship is unique and need not be a source of dispute. Holidays and special events can be the foundation for disagreement. Although there are many ways to navigate this potential challenge, simply letting the child have the day with the other parent can keep the peace not just with the child but with the other parent too.

Financial knowledge important for post-divorce success

Divorce can have a major effect on the financial well-being of people in Georgia even years down the line. It can take some time to recover from the property division process, including rebuilding retirement accounts and adjusting to the budget of a single person. However, some people are more likely to be negatively affected by a divorce, and planning in advance can help to avert these negative consequences. The people most likely to struggle with finances five years after a divorce were those who were not involved in daily financial planning and decision-making during their marriages.

Not only may one spouse handling all of the finances reflect an unequal partnership or give rise to conflict, but it can make it more difficult to recover from divorce. People with little knowledge about how to handle finances may find themselves making poor decisions when they need to learn money skills on their own. Experts say that it is important for both partners to be involved in financial management and decision-making, from paying the bills to planning for the future. They warned that while 80% of both men and women are involved in daily financial affairs, only 60% of women are involved in long-term retirement planning.

Divorce odds among medical professionals

It's no secret that the medical field is difficult, stressful and taxing. It takes a special type of person to dedicate their career to helping others, knowing how hard it can be in their own life. They have to care about health and wellness for the general population, and they have to care about putting their patients ahead of themselves. That's no small feat.

Unfortunately, this selfless attitude can take a toll on their personal lives. They may struggle to feel like they have time for anything else, and this includes a spouse. Many medical professionals wind up getting divorced. Let's take a look at some of the divorce odds for various medical professionals:

  • Dentists: 25.2%
  • Pharmacists: 22.9%
  • Nurses: 33.0%
  • Health care executives: 30.9%

Successful coparenting is a slow process

Separated or divorced parents in Georgia will need to create a parenting plan that works for the entire family. Since children deserve to keep a bond with both parents, even after a split, figuring out a coparenting agreement is one of the most important aspects of a separation.

Parents should look at coparenting as a process since it involves helping their children move toward a new normal while maintaining a positive growing environment and stability. Keeping the child's best interests as the guiding principle for a parenting plan is important.

The second divorce conversation: With your children

It's hard enough to have that first divorce conversation: the one with your spouse. You have to tell them that you want to end the marriage. Maybe you know it won't come as a surprise at all; maybe you worry that they'll feel shocked. Either way, it can take some mental and emotional work to get yourself ready.

But, after you and your spouse know 100% that you will end your marriage, there's a second divorce conversation that you need to have. It's the one with your children. How do you make this go smoothly for them?

Tips on successful co-parenting

Sharing child custody can be difficult for many divorced parents in Georgia. For the arrangement to go smoothly, an ex-couple will have to develop communication strategies that minimize conflict. Since struggles with communication might have been a problem during the marriage, working this issue out post-divorce can be an even bigger challenge.

Although divorced parents are no longer a romantic couple, they may still need to sit down for couple's counseling. The process might help parents to establish a set of boundaries for their new relationship and allow parents to mediate a plan for relaying information about their children. The goal of couples counseling after divorce is often to increase stability for the children. Since one of the most common sources of conflict between divorced parents is money, it can also be essential to resolve any money issues as quickly as possible.

Overcoming bias against fathers in child custody cases

Traditionally, fathers served as providers, and mothers took care of the children. When divorces occurred in the past, it was assumed that a father would continue to provide for the children, and the mother would handle their care. Men in Georgia who are looking to get custody of their children may fear discrimination or a bias in favor of mothers.

It is becoming more and more common for fathers to be awarded primary and joint custody of their children. If this arrangement is what's best for the children, judges should be willing to grant the father custody.

Reasons you may face divorce after starting a new business

You have always wanted to start your own company. When you got married, though, you hadn't started it yet. You kept working in the industry and learning the ropes.

Years later, you may decide it is finally time to take that next step. It will take work and dedication, and it may feel like a bit of a gamble, but you are also probably thrilled to get your idea off the ground.

The role of a prenuptial agreement in divorce

Couples in Georgia may think they do not need a prenuptial agreement if they are not wealthy. However, people who are getting married and who own a retirement account or who have other investments may want to reconsider. A prenup can help protect the assets a person brings into a marriage. It can also protect assets for any children a person may have from a previous relationship.

Some people may assume that they do not need a prenup since any property they have at the time of the marriage will be considered separate property. In fact, this can be more complex. If shared assets are used for the property in any way, it might be considered marital property. This could be the case for a home if the mortgage is paid with income that is earned during the marriage.

The benefits of a divorce financial analyst

Georgia residents and others who are going through a divorce may anticipate the emotional toll that it can take on them. However, they may not necessarily anticipate the financial consequences that ending a marriage can bring. Therefore, it may be a good idea to work with a divorce financial planner. Doing so can be especially helpful for those who lack a solid understanding of their personal or household finances.

This type of professional may be able to help an individual better understand how ending a marriage could impact their tax situation. A financial professional may also help a person learn more about how a divorce could influence his or her net worth. Having this information may make it easier to craft a reasonable divorce settlement in less time. In some cases, a divorce financial adviser will work with a couple as they aim to settle a divorce through mediation or other collaborative means.

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