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Dentistry and divorce: Getting through divorce quickly

Nothing disrupts business more than having your mind on other matters. That's what's happening now, as your spouse seeks a divorce against you. You're a busy dentist, and there are many assets you need to protect. It's taking away from your work as you have to focus on everything going on in your personal life.

Could a forensic accountant help in your high asset divorce?

One of the most difficult things to predict in a contentious divorce is how assets will get divided between you and your spouse. If you can't agree on who should get what or on the fairest way to divide assets, the courts will make that decision for you. The courts will try to arrange for what they consider an "equitable division" of your assets. However, equitable doesn't actually mean even or a 50/50 split. Equitable means fair, and fair could mean more going to one spouse under certain circumstances.

Take these steps to protect your business from divorce

At the time that you and your husband were building a family, you were also building a medical practice in Alpharetta. It was one of your proudest moments when you were finally able to strike out on your own. Unfortunately, while you were getting your practice off the ground, things took a turn in your marriage.

3 financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

Navigating a divorce can be extremely complicated. This is especially true if you have to deal with issues such as custody and high-value property division. If you do not take appropriate steps to take care of your financial interests, you could find yourself with less than you need. When you are starting over after a marriage, doing so in a secure economic position can reduce the stress that comes with a divorce.

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At Hecht Family Law we understand that this is not only a very trying time for you, but that you want to get what you feel you deserve during the divorce process. We will always keep your end goal in mind.

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