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3 ways to protect your business during a divorce

When you're going through a divorce, there are a few things about which you're likely to worry. One of those is protecting your business or your business interests. There are many ways that people handle these issues, ranging from selling their businesses to working together with an ex-spouse to run the business.

Putting a fair market value on unusual assets in your divorce

There are many potential pitfalls to dividing your assets when you divorce. There's often a concern about the marital home and who will live there. In some cases, one spouse could attempt to hide assets from the court to skew the process in his or her favor. Sometimes, the biggest issue is that you don't understand the value of many of your marital assets.

5 financial divorce mistakes to avoid

As you begin to learn more about the divorce process, it's important to try to avoid financial mistakes that have plagued others before you. With this knowledge, you can avoid going down the same path, which may save you both time and money.

Dentistry and divorce: Getting through divorce quickly

Nothing disrupts business more than having your mind on other matters. That's what's happening now, as your spouse seeks a divorce against you. You're a busy dentist, and there are many assets you need to protect. It's taking away from your work as you have to focus on everything going on in your personal life.

Could a forensic accountant help in your high asset divorce?

One of the most difficult things to predict in a contentious divorce is how assets will get divided between you and your spouse. If you can't agree on who should get what or on the fairest way to divide assets, the courts will make that decision for you. The courts will try to arrange for what they consider an "equitable division" of your assets. However, equitable doesn't actually mean even or a 50/50 split. Equitable means fair, and fair could mean more going to one spouse under certain circumstances.

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